Vasocure is a novel therapeutics company with 62 candidates in nephrology, cardiology, and oncology. Vasocure developed the world’s first peptide to directly treat neointimal disease and atherosclerosis. 

In the United States, approximately 15% of the population is affected by chronic kidney disease (CKD), with a significant number progressing to kidney failure requiring dialysis or kidney transplantation.

45% of CKD patients have diabetes or self-reported cardiovascular disease.

In the United States alone, over 726,000 Americans suffer from kidney failure and are on hemodialysis through a vascular access.

We believe it’s time for a better solution. Pedifin, the first drug to treat neointimal disease, provides hope for millions of people suffering from kidney failure world-wide.

Our peptide, Pedifin, has been shown in animal models to be highly effective at preventing and reversing neointimal hyperplasia as well as atherosclerotic plaque formation.


Pedifin is a first-in-class, 1st generation, IV drug that is a highly selective competitive inhibitor of F11R. F11R is over-expressed in neointimal disease and atherosclerotic plaques. F11R is essential for precisely regulating the stability and integrity of blood vessels.

By blocking F11R, Pedifin can effectively inhibit the thickening of vessel walls and narrowing of the lumen, which means better blood flows, better dialysis and better survival for patients.

Clinical Trials

Our precision medicine approach to developing Pedifin will use a predictive clinical strategy to identify the optimal administration for treatment.

We believe Pedifin has the potential to improve efficacy of treatment, extend the duration of patency for vascular access and positively impact on outcomes.

We are advancing clinical development of Pedifin for indications where there is a significant medical need to provide new and better options for patients. Currently, we are in preclinical and first in human studies.


Our research has been featured on the cover of Peptide Science and Thrombosis and Haemostasis, as well as in various journals such as Atherosclerosis.

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